Assignments in France and Europe


Remi Huppert has conducted numerous missions in the following areas:

- Executive recruitment by direct approach

- Managerial coaching,

- Management audits,

- Support to steering committees.

Management audit

Some shareholders or managers may wish to audit the management in force in their group or entity they animate, this in order to have a "map" specific forces and weaknesses of management.

The approach we propose consists of a systematic dialogue with all key players in the group, in the sense they are defined in the company or entity to be audited. Dialogue with selected interlocutors not only aims at better understanding the functioning but also to identify dysfunctions and make concrete improvements towards lasting change. The interviews are usually focused on the following topics specified in each mission.

Analysis of structures, culture, organization and mode of operation of the group

Analysis of information systems and relationship between operational and functional entities

Analysis of assimilation of culture,

Identification of structural, cultural and functional improvements likely to provide a better overall performance.

Our work is based upon open interviews that take place as soon as designated parties are notified. Based on active listening and re-formulation of proposals intended to illustrate the current operation and to collect suggestions for improvement, it contributes to a critical analysis of operational processes. It includes the delivery of a reporting of all interviews, analyzed using a grid with precise criteria and a summary document with recommendations and proposed solutions on these topics. The intervention aims to take a step back towards the current operation and habits, to collect and to recommend new ways of doing things within the considered group.

It is also understood that this process must be carefully communicated to those concerned, so that it is seen as a progress and as an attempt to improve the performance and not as a challenge to the action of this or that person.