How to manage with music.


How to manage with music.
Conference by Remi Huppert.

What is a company looking for, especially in times of crisis? A specific and stable line of conduct, a sense of action, a more subtle understanding of situations. Leadership is a perpetual motion, an art of time management, of learning complexity, of mastered leadership, taking into account diversity. In essence, the manager must give meaning to every moment.

Music can participate in the creative evolution of today's businesses. For two reasons: It focuses on the time and emotion. It brings answers with dimensions such as length, chord, harmony, cycle, rhythm, silence. It is both play and movement, a sort of "everything is played by playing" where every invention has to be translated and expressed ... in the moment. It tends towards the harmonization and reconciliation of opposing forces: the soft and the hard, the bass and treble, the consonant and the dissonant, slow and fast, sound and silent. Many scales to practice in order to refine intelligence and translate feelings ...

Leaders and managers. Corporate universities. Executive clubs and associations.

1° Conference accompanied by recorded illustrations or, possibly, musical pieces performed on the piano by the speaker.
2° One-day seminar.
In this case:
Presentation, accompanied by recorded illustrations or musical pieces played on the piano.
Work in small groups on the dimensions of the sensitive intelligence and enforcement points in management situations.
Feedback in assembly.

The conference offers concrete ways to improve managerial action, especially in the following situations: conducting interviews, operating teams, change management, project management, change in corporate culture. This program can be conducted in English.

Remi Huppert
Writer, management consultant.
Author of "The manager musician."